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The story

Several years as a home brewer

Several years as a home brewer, inspiration from many hours of self-study of alternative brewing methods and beer types, a background as an engineer, as well as a great longing to develop my experimental brewery.
With this in the backpack, WestBrew started on April 1, 2019 as an brewery.

The beginning

Initially, it was a very simple brewery based on my kettles, simple plastic fermentation tanks and a few Stauning Rye Whiskey casks.
During 2019, however, we managed to have a small batch brewing plant up and running with a couple of stell fermentation tanks.
The number and variety of oak barrels has increased,  and we will continue to develop and experiment with barrel aging in the future.

The idea behind WestBrew

We intend to keep the brewery relatively low-tech, so that we have the opportunity to produce smaller batches that can subsequently be matured in different ways, for example on oak barrels, both new and barrels that have been used for spirits and wine in the past.
The brewing plant is a 500 l brewing plant.  As a general rule, fermentation takes place in 500 liter steel tanks, where it is possible to regulate the fermentation temperature.
Being able to regulate the fermentation temperature allows distinctions to emerge during the process, giving the beer a very special taste and aroma.
This is where different strains of yeast makes sence and takes the beer in different directions.

Local and tasty beers

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